Panic is a Killer: What to Do during a Fire

Continuing the trend from last month, I’m going to continue discussing fire safety. There cannot be enough emphasis or repetition regarding fire safety. While last month was about fire prevention, it is time to discuss what must be done in the event of a fire in your home or in any place where you are.

Stay Calm

If you hear the fire alarms blaring, it is natural to feel surprised. However, you should not let panic override your senses. If you are with anyone, it is ideal that both of you get out fine. If you are with a child, it is important to keep them close.

If you are in the area where the fire is when you exit the area and if you’re the last one leaving, close the door. Doing so will help contain the fire.

What to do in case of fire in a public place:

  • If you see the fire, pull the alarm if it’s not already pulled.
  • Locate the nearest point of safe exit.
  • If there is smoke, get down on the floor.
  • Crawl your way out swiftly yet carefully.
  • Once you’re out, call the fire department.
  • Account for anyone that you’re with.

What to do in case of fire in your home:

  • If the fire is in a room you’re in, get out and close the door.
  • If the fire is excessive and there’s a lot of smoke, get down and crawl out through the nearest exit point.
  • Call the fire department the moment you get out safely.

What not to do:

  • Do not assume that someone else is going to pull the alarm.
  • Do not assume that someone else is going to call the fire department.
  • If in a public establishment and a higher floor, do not use elevators.
  • Do not go back into a burning building. Fire fighters can find missing persons for you.
  • If a fire breaks out at home, make noise if the fire alarms don’t work.

To Close

Regardless of what happens, it is important to prioritize your safety. You can do that better by staying calm.

Keep That Fire Away: Smart Fire Prevention Tips For You

Fire is always a potential danger to anyone. It can completely ravage homes. When you take in all the European countries together, Germany takes in around 2.2% of fire occurrences. This is quite large. To combat this, it is important that everyone be suitably aware of how to keep fire away. Today, we’ll be discussing some useful tips about fire prevention.

Proactive detection

This refers to making sure that there are things put in place to efficiently detect fires the moment they start. It is important to have a sufficient number of smoke alarms in your home. It is also crucial to test them out at least once a month. This is to make sure that the batteries are still active and that the noise it makes is loud enough to be heard from any part of your home.

Have an exit plan in place

Being prepared is a great way to stay safe. It is important to be aware of any potential sources of fire and to plan accordingly. Have a frank talk with any members of your home about the plan. It is crucial that everyone is aware in order to avoid any unfortunate incidents when a fire does occur. It is important that everyone in your home is fully aware of what to do in the event of a fire.

Take time out to make sure that the plan works well. Test out how long it would take to reach the exit. Speed is crucial when a fire is involved.

Make sure everyone knows who to contact in the event of a fire

Every member of your home must know the number for the local fire department. Even if you have to write it down and put on post-its around your home, you should do it. If everyone in your home has a cell, put the number in the contacts list.

To Close

It is important to be proactive about your home and fire’s safety. While fires can be unpredictable, the chances of them happening can be lessened severely. Arm yourself with the necessary information to keep your family and your property safe.…