Hello everyone! Welcome to Feuerwehr Skimeisterschaften Willingen! My name is Sarah and I would love to introduce you to the world of the brave fire fighters of Willingen, Germany. I dedicate this blog to the very brave men and women of the fire brigade.

We can try to prevent fires as much as we can but that still does not eliminate the chances of them occurring. So it’s it great that there will be highly skilled and suitably trained individuals to come help you out in your time of need? As such, I make it my business to be up to date about the latest events as they pertain to our fire defense forces.

I hope you join me as I begin to peel away the layers of the fire department. I aim to promote basic knowledge and understanding regarding fire fighters: what they do, what they go through, and other basic information. I believe the community has a responsibility to make themselves more aware about fire prevention tips and other smart decisions regarding homes and fires.

Let’s build a positive community that will be able to do the right things in the event of a fire. For any questions or suggestions, you can reach me at info@feuerwehr-skimeisterschaften-willingen.de.